...a Rothco sign is a sign of success!
How We Got Started

The idea for Rothco Signs & Designs, Inc. simmered in Dave Roth's mind for more than 30 years as the best, most efficient way to create and deliver effective signage to businesses of all shapes and sizes. What started in Dave's imagination so long ago has taken form: today, Rothco Signs & Design, Inc., is Florida's premier sign design-build company, collaborating with business decision-makers to create dynamic signs that align with the vision, goals, and priorities of their brand. Whether your tastes run to classic and traditional signage or you are enamored with the flashing lights of the latest in LED technology, Rothco will design and install a sign that gets you noticed!

​Rothco's goal is to help businesses use the products and services of the best sign companies in their area, as opposed to being limited to the offerings of just one sign company. To that end, Rothco marries trusted, local manufacturers, suppliers, and craftspeople to the scope and design requirements of each individual project. Unlike many large national sign companies that build your signage off site, at Rothco we bring jobs to your community by putting local people to work, people who in turn will become your valued customers.​